“The problem of education does not concern me quite as much as the solutions to the problem of education” – George Siemens

Reading Christensen and completing my Online Learning Theory Presentation at the same time really made me sit back and reflect on the teaching and learning that occurs in my classroom.  Not just on how I use computers and whether I use technology as a way to “modularize the system and thereby customize learning”, but on the entire learning landscape of my classroom.  What am I doing to improve the future of, and for, my students?  What am I doing to help them to “sense-make around social and technological connections?”

Sure, I embrace everything that is thrown at me, and try to integrate as many things in to my learning landscape as possible, from Xbox Kinect to a “Bring Your Own Technology” to school initiative.  But how is this going to “prepare individuals for the vital combat of lucidity.” (Edward Moran)

These thoughts led me to look a little more at what is wrong with education and what I can do to change that.  On doing so I came across this video.

It made a lot of sense – at least to me.  I agree that it is time to challenge the assumptions we had of place-based views of education, to disrupt the notion of what it means to be a teacher and a learner.  But how do we break down the physicality and focus on collapsing everything to the point of a connection?  Perhaps I need to keep my eye on George Siemens and see what other insight he has to offer.  While I wholeheartedly accept that “to change education is to change society”, I am still at a loss as to how to affect that.


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